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Monthly Archives: September 2020


Cement Truck Accidents

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

With so much construction going on, cement trucks are a common sight on Indianapolis roads. Cement trucks carry wet cement to jobsites, where it is used to pour the foundation for buildings or to lay down parking lots and roads. These are heavy trucks. And when they collide with pedestrians and motorists, tragic accidents… Read More »

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Responding to Road Rage in Indianapolis

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Road rage is scary, and it takes skill to avoid physical injury when a road rager is harassing you. At Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, we encourage motorists to do everything they can to de-escalate a road rage situation. Below, our Indianapolis car accident lawyer offers tips for how to stay safe during this stressful encounter…. Read More »

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Driving Safely in Severe Weather

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

The weather in Indianapolis can change in an instant—beautiful skies giving way to drenching downpours or, as we approach winter, massive snowstorms. It is difficult for motorists to know ahead of time just what the weather will be when they put their key in the ignition. Unfortunately, severe weather is a danger to motorists… Read More »

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Can You Receive Compensation for a Herniated Disc?

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

A herniated disc is a particularly painful back injury that many car accident or motorcycle accident victims suffer from. The pain can be so debilitating that some people cannot return to work and they lose out on tens of thousands of dollars of lost income. The good news is that an accident victim can… Read More »

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