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Monthly Archives: October 2020


3 Laws All Car Accident Victims Need to Know

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Getting involved in a car accident is a disorientating experience. Many victims are rushed immediately to the hospital. Even if they can go home, they are unsure of what steps to take next. At Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, our Indianapolis car accident lawyers have helped countless victims get back on their feet, physically and financially…. Read More »

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Single Vehicle Accidents

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Not all car wrecks involve two vehicles, but even single-vehicle wrecks are serious. Many single-vehicle accidents leave motorists bloodied, bruised, and in need of critical medical care. At Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, our team fully reviews all accidents to make sure that our clients have possible avenues to receive compensation. In some cases, a victim… Read More »

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Car Accident Neck Injuries

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

The human neck is surprisingly vulnerable to injuries in a car accident. Although face and brain injuries garner most of the attention, a bad neck injury can be every bit as immobilizing. Victims can experience prolonged pain and possibly need surgery to ultimately correct the problems At Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, our Indianapolis auto accident… Read More »

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Bicycle Safety for Senior Citizens

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Riding a bicycle is an excellent form of exercise, especially for older Indiana residents. Unlike running, cycling is relatively low impact but still gives the heart and lungs a good workout. However, riding a bicycle can be dangerous. Motorists on the road rarely give cyclists enough room to ride safely, and collisions can be… Read More »

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