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Monthly Archives: December 2020


Joint Injuries in a Car Crash

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Any joint injury has the potential to severely hamper a person’s ability to go about their daily life. A person can find themselves in considerable pain whenever they move and might be unable to return to work. At Keffer Hirschauer LLP, we help clients who have suffered many different types of injuries in car… Read More »

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Accidents Caused by a Tire Blow Out: Can You Receive Compensation?

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Indiana highways are littered with the debris from tire blowouts. Pieces of rubber lay curled on the shoulder or sometimes even in the middle of the road. But can you receive compensation for one of these accidents? When a tire explodes, a driver can suddenly lose control of their vehicle, careening into oncoming traffic… Read More »

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Too Many Motorists Fail to Respect Bicycle Lanes

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Bicycle lanes are critical to the safety of those who travel on two wheels, but disturbing news reports suggest that many motorists are disregarding them. Unfortunately, this disregard imperils the lives of our friends and neighbors who choose to bicycle around the city. According to WRTV Indianapolis, many residents have complained that motorists are… Read More »

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Spinal Cord Injuries Can Cost Millions

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Spinal cord injuries are probably the most life-changing injuries that our clients can suffer. A person whose spinal cord is torn, nicked, or bruised can suffer serious impairment of their ability to move or feel any sensation below the point of injury. When the spinal cord is severely injured, a person can be paralyzed… Read More »

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