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Truck Drivers & Substance Abuse

Truck Drivers & Substance Abuse Being a trucker is difficult work. Not only is the job solitary, but driving mile after mile for up to 70 hours a week can lead to boredom and fatigue. Trying to stay sharp is high on the list for many truck drivers who,...

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Joint Injuries in a Car Crash

Joint Injuries in a Car Crash Any joint injury has the potential to severely hamper a person’s ability to go about their daily life. A person can find...

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Car Accident Neck Injuries

Car Accident Neck Injuries The human neck is surprisingly vulnerable to injuries in a car accident. Although face and brain injuries garner most of the...

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Single Vehicle Accidents

Single Vehicle Accidents Not all car wrecks involve two vehicles, but even single-vehicle wrecks are serious. Many single-vehicle accidents leave...

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Cement Truck Accidents

Cement Truck Accidents With so much construction going on, cement trucks are a common sight on Indianapolis roads. Cement trucks carry wet cement to...

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