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Truck Drivers & Substance Abuse

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Being a trucker is difficult work. Not only is the job solitary, but driving mile after mile for up to 70 hours a week can lead to boredom and fatigue. Trying to stay sharp is high on the list for many truck drivers who, unfortunately, turn to substances to gain an edge. If you… Read More »

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Does a Truck Driver’s Age Contribute to Accidents?

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Over the past decade, the trucking industry has struggled to find enough qualified drivers, and they have developed strategies for addressing this shortage that might be putting the public safety at risk. Inexperienced or very old drivers can make critical errors that contribute to truck accidents. At Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, our Indianapolis truck accident… Read More »

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Cement Truck Accidents

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

With so much construction going on, cement trucks are a common sight on Indianapolis roads. Cement trucks carry wet cement to jobsites, where it is used to pour the foundation for buildings or to lay down parking lots and roads. These are heavy trucks. And when they collide with pedestrians and motorists, tragic accidents… Read More »

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How Truck Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

By Indianapolis Injury Lawyers |

Many people wrongly assume that truck accidents are no different from car accidents, and that all an injured victim needs to do is call their insurance company to start the claims process. Actually, truck accidents are dramatically different. It is typically harder to receive fair compensation and the road to getting a settlement can… Read More »

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