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Evansville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles are fun, efficient modes of transportation that require a fraction of the gas and space of a traditional motor vehicle. Unfortunately, there are serious downsides of riding a motorcycle, with the predominant issue being other drivers. Car, truck, van, and other motor vehicle operators often act aggressively toward motorcyclists, are impatient and make unsafe passes, and are nearly always engaged in some form of distraction, whether it is chowing down on a hamburger, texting, or scrolling through their social media accounts. And because motorcyclists are smaller and harder to see, and do not have the luxury of being encased in two or more tons of steel, the risks are very real every time a motorcyclist puts a leg over their bike for a ride. If you were injured in an Evansville motorcycle collision, you have the option of filing a personal injury claim against the negligent party who caused the crash. Here at the law offices of Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, our Evansville motorcycle accident lawyers hold bad drivers responsible for their actions.

Motorcycle Crash Statistics

Unfortunately, car drivers have put motorcyclists at risk ever since the beginning, and the data is showing the trend heading in the wrong direction—because of distracted, aggressive driving, which have both become pervasive in American driving culture, motorcyclist crashes, injuries, and deaths are all on the rise.

  • In 2018, 112 motorcyclists were killed in Indiana (the number was 147 in 2010), while just 105 were killed in 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Indiana University Public Policy Institute.
  • In over 70 percent of motorcycle collisions, the motorcyclist gets injured (far higher than the ratio between injured car occupants and car collisions);
  • Per mile ridden, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a crash than an occupant of a car, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

How Motorcycle Collisions Often Occur

  • Driver pulls out in front of a motorcyclist from a side road;
  • Driver changes lane, swerving into the motorcyclist, due to the driver’s failure to look over their shoulder or check their mirrors;
  • Driver rear-ends a motorcyclist who is stopped at a red light;
  • Driver makes a left turn across traffic at a traffic light intersection, cutting off the motorcyclist, who has right of way;
  • Texting or otherwise distracted driver swerves into the motorcyclist’s lane of traffic; and
  • Oncoming driver makes a dangerous pass or swerves into the motorcyclist’s lane of traffic on a rural road.

In any of these situations, the driver is likely to say that they did not see the motorcyclist, or that the motorcyclist “came out of nowhere,” which of course is impossible. No matter their argument, the driver should be found at fault, though that can be complicated, as motorcyclists often face biases against them along every step of the way, from eye witness accounts and police reports to jurors and judges.

Contact Our Evansville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

As a victim of a motorcycle crash, your injuries and other damages should be compensated fully by the at-fault driver or other party. To get started on building your case today, call the Evansville motorcycle collision lawyers at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers at 317-455- 4043 to schedule a free consultation.

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