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How to Document Your Injuries after a Car Accident


Proving the severity of your injuries is key after a car accident. Not only can our clients receive compensation for medical bills, but they can also qualify or a sum of money to make up for their pain and suffering.

However, many months can pass from the date of the accident to the time a case settles with an insurer or goes to trial. By then, your injuries might have healed, and to the average person you might not look as injured as you were soon after the crash. Below, we offer our thoughts on how our clients can fully document their injuries to increase their chances of receiving fair compensation.

Take Pictures of Your Injuries

Soon after an accident, you should take pictures of all visible injuries, including cuts, bruises, abrasions, and burns. Take them in different lighting conditions and from different angles. If you have bruises or injuries to your face, remember not to smile, which is perfectly normal response most people have when a camera is pointed toward them—but it’s the wrong message to send.

Write Down the Name of All Doctors You Saw

We will want to see your medical records, which can show quite clearly how badly you were injured. For example, if your thigh bone snapped in two, an X-ray is a powerful piece of evidence. Your Indianapolis car accident lawyer can obtain all medical records, but we need to know the names of who treated you and when.

Hold onto Prescription Drug Bottles

Many people receive prescriptions for painkillers, anti-depressants, or anti-anxiety medication. Hold onto all of these little orange bottles. Pulling out 25 bottles to show someone really hammers home how injured you were.

Keep a Journal

In your journal, you can document where you are feeling pain. Note the location and its severity, as well as the type. For example, you might feel shooting pain in your left arm, or a slow burning pain in your hip. Note how long you feel the pain and how it interrupts your sleep.

You can also record how you are feeling emotionally.  Many of our clients have qualified for emotional distress compensation for anger, depression, fear, or embarrassment. If you are experiencing flashbacks to the event, be sure to have a professional check you for post-traumatic stress disorder.

A detailed journal can prove vital when trying to establish pain, suffering, and emotional injuries—none of which are easy to see.

Meet with an Attorney

Your lawyer will have other tips for how to document injuries from a car accident. The sooner you meet with a lawyer, the stronger your case. A lawyer can discuss whether medical providers or even family members should offer statements about how your injuries have impacted you.

Contact Our Law Firm

The Indianapolis car accident lawyers at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers have helped many injured victims obtain compensation following a car crash. Please reach out to us today. You can schedule a free consultation by calling or sending an online message.

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