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Indiana Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are America’s favorite pet, with over half of American households also being home to at least one pup. As wonderful as dogs are, though, they also have the potential to be aggressive, vicious, and cause serious harm in some cases. While dogs usually only attack if they are feeling threatened, no matter the cause, a dog attack can result in serious injuries and long-term psychological harm. At the law office of Keffer Hirschauer LLP, our Indiana dog bite lawyers can help you to understand your rights and options if you’re attacked by a dog.

What to Do Following a Dog Bite in Indiana

If you’re bitten by a dog in Indiana, it’s important to act quickly. Steps to take include:

  • Get medical care. While some dog bites are minor, others may be serious and a victim of a dog attack may suffer from severe blood loss, bone fractures, a traumatic brain injury, and the risk of infection.
  • Report the bite. You should report the dog bite as soon as possible. In some cases, calling the police is recommended. In all cases, you should report the dog bite to your local health department.
  • Get the information of the dog owner. In order to move forward with the claims process, you’ll need the dog owner’s information, too. Ask the dog owner for their name and contact information, and let them know that you will be in touch.
  • Call an attorney. Before too much time passes, it’s recommended that you connect with an attorney who can advise you about how to proceed.

Liability for a Dog Bite in Indiana

In Indiana, there are two ways to hold the owner of a dog liable for damages resulting from a dog bite:

  • Strict liability theory of liability. Indiana does have a statute that holds the owner of a dog liable for damages resulting from a dog bite, even if the owner had no prior knowledge of the dog’s viciousness; however, the statute only applies to those who are in a location they are required to be in order to fulfill their duties, such as a mail person.
  • Common law theory of liability. While the strict liability statute may not apply to you, you can bring forth a common law claim against the owner of the dog. This type of claim alleges that the owner of the dog knew or should have known of the dog’s aggression because the dog had bit someone or acted aggressively in the past.

Get Help from Our Indiana Dog Bite Lawyer Today

If you have been attacked by a dog in Indiana, you are not alone – our experienced Indiana dog bite lawyers at the law office of Keffer Hirschauer LLP know what you’re going through and are available to help. We have a reputation of excellence, know how to investigate dog bite claims, and are a results-driven firm. To learn more about our Indiana dog bite lawyers and what to do after being attacked by a dog, please call us today for a free consultation.

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