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Indianapolis ATV Accident Lawyer

All-terrain vehicles, better known as ATVs or four-wheelers, are a popular mode of transportation in Indiana, especially amongst teenagers and thrill seekers. Unfortunately, ATV accidents are also relatively common and can usually be attributed to driver error or negligent supervision. For help determining whether someone else was responsible for your own accident, please call our team of Indianapolis ATV accident lawyers today.

ATV Accident Causes

ATV accidents can often be linked to driver carelessness or inexperience. There are also, however, certain circumstances that can increase the risk of collision. Riding on pavement, for example, poses a particularly high risk to riders, as ATVs are specifically designed to be ridden off road. Furthermore, these vehicles have a high center of gravity and low-pressure tires, making it much more likely that they will tip over or that drivers will lose control. Few ATVs are designed to carry more than one person at a time, so when a driver carries a passenger, it makes it even more difficult to control the vehicle. Passengers on the rear of the ATV can also throw off the vehicle’s balance, causing it to tip over.

Rider inexperience is also a significant factor in many ATV crashes, as there are no licensing or training requirements for these types of vehicles in Indiana. Unfortunately, this means that ATVs are often driven by those with little or no experience, which can prove especially dangerous for unsupervised children, who are also more likely to speed, attempt tricks, carry passengers, and dart out onto roads. A lack of familiarity with the terrain in a particular area also plays a role in many accidents, with some riders crashing into trees, flipping over into holes and ditches, or riding onto busy roads.

This type of conduct is extremely dangerous for ATV riders, who suffer thousands of injuries every year. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that nearly 100,000 people sustain ATV-related injuries on a yearly basis. An estimated 26 percent of those collisions will involve children younger than 16 years old.

Recovering for ATV Crash Injuries

The results of ATV crashes tend to be serious, with many victims reporting head trauma and other severe injuries. Contusions and abrasions, as well as fractures to the arms and legs, and injuries to the torso, including broken ribs are especially common. These injuries, in addition to being painful, are often difficult or time-consuming to treat. Fortunately, these costs can often be recouped in the event that someone else’s negligence caused an accident. If, for instance, the brakes on an ATV were defective and caused a collision, the vehicle part manufacturer could be held liable for at least a portion of the victim’s injuries. Manufacturers can also be held responsible for injuries resulting from a failure to attach proper safety labeling on an ATV.  Similarly, adults who fail to properly supervise a child or who allow a child to ride on an ATV can be held accountable for injuries sustained in a crash.

Experienced Indianapolis ATV Accident Lawyers

If you or your child were injured in an ATV crash, please contact the experienced ATV accident lawyers at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers today. A member of our dedicated legal team can be reached by phone at 317-455-4043 or by completing one of our brief online contact forms.

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