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In 2017, Indiana saw 219,105 traffic collisions, including 834 fatal crashes and 34,219 injury accidents. Not surprisingly, Marion County by far suffered more collisions, fatal crashes, and injury accidents than any other county in Indiana. There were 36,963 crashes in and around Indianapolis, with 98 of them fatal and 6,307 causing injury.

Injury victims need a lot of help after a car accident. They have doctor and hospital bills to pay for, and for every day they are out of work due to their injury, they are losing the means to pay those bills and also pay the mortgage or rent, put food on the table, etc.

Indiana law allows injured car accident victims to recover compensation from the negligent driver who hit them, but getting the driver’s insurance company to settle for a full and fair amount can be next to impossible without help. The law firm of Indianapolis Injury Lawyers provides that help.

As former fatal alcohol crash team prosecutors in Marion and Tippecanoe counties, attorneys Bradley Keffer and Tom Hirschauer possess the highest level of experience and expertise in every aspect of a car accident case, including working the accident at the scene to prove how the crash happened and who was responsible beyond a reasonable doubt. Very few personal injury attorneys have ever had to prove the defendant’s liability to such a high standard, contact our Indianapolis car accident lawyers today.

What can I get from the driver who caused the wreck?

You should be able to recover compensation for the damage done to your vehicle, including the cost to repair or the car’s “blue book” value if it is declared a total loss. In addition, you are entitled to be paid or reimbursed for all medical expenses related to the accident. The insurance company may offer to pay for an initial doctor or hospital visit, but they are less inclined to offer to pay for ongoing treatment or a lump sum for a long-term or permanent disability. Also, the insurance company is unlikely to offer you anything for your pain and suffering, although these damages are legally recoverable. The attorneys at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers will see that you get a fair amount of compensation that covers all damages applicable to your accident.

Indiana drivers are required by law to carry 25/50/25 liability insurance. These numbers mean that every driver must have enough insurance to pay for $25,000 in personal injury costs to one person, $50,000 if more than one person is injured in the crash, and $25,000 for property damage. Many drivers choose to carry more than the minimum amounts of insurance to protect their assets if they cause a wreck that leads to extremely expensive damages, such as a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or wrongful death.

What if the driver who hit me is uninsured?

Despite the requirement to carry liability insurance, nearly 17% of Indiana drivers are uninsured. In fact, Indiana has the 8th highest percentage of uninsured drivers nationwide. If an uninsured driver hits you, you can still file a claim through your uninsured motorist coverage. Not all drivers carry uninsured motorist coverage, and filing a claim presents its own set of challenges.

Are we supposed to move our cars out of traffic after a crash?

It can be difficult to know whether you should move your cars, assuming they can be safely driven or pushed out of traffic. Moving the cars may be important for your safety and others by preventing other cars from colliding with you or your vehicle. On the other hand, moving the cars before the police have arrived can hamper their ability to make an accurate account of the crash. Indiana law provides some direction. IC 9-26-1-1.2 states that if the vehicles have come to a stop in the traveled portion of a highway, they should be moved out of the traveled portion (i.e., onto the shoulder) as soon as safely possible and to a location that is as close to the scene of the accident as possible. However, the law also directs that the vehicle should NOT be moved in the following situations:

  • The accident involves the transportation of hazardous materials, such as with certain truck accidents
  • The accident results in injury or death or a person trapped inside a vehicle

As experienced crash investigators, attorneys at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers know how to investigate a crash on the scene, even if the vehicles have been moved. Our lawyers are skilled at interpreting skid marks and yaw marks on the road, and we understand the science behind the forensic analysis of a damaged vehicle. For instance, was a driver using headlights when a nighttime crash occurred? Scientific investigation can often yield the answer. Not all car accident lawyers are trained in the technical aspects of car crash investigations and causes. Indianapolis Injury Lawyers attorneys know the right questions to ask to get the information necessary to build a solid and convincing case for a negligent driver’s liability.

The Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers You Need After an Accident

For help after a car accident in Indianapolis or statewide in Indiana, call Indianapolis Injury Lawyers to discuss your case in a free consultation with a team of highly trained, experienced and successful Indianapolis car accident lawyers.

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