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Indianapolis Head-On Collision Lawyer

Even minor fender benders can result in serious property damage and injuries, such as whiplash, that take months to heal, so it comes as no surprise that certain types of crashes have the potential to cause a devastating degree of damage. Head-on collisions, for example, almost always occur at high speeds and so tend to result in catastrophic injuries, which are notoriously expensive and difficult to treat, making it especially important for injured parties to seek compensation from the at-fault parties who caused their own crash. This can be a difficult endeavor, so if you were hurt in an accident, you should contact an experienced Indianapolis head-on collision lawyer who can help protect your interests, whether during settlement proceedings or in the courtroom.

Common Causes of Head-on Crashes

Often, when people think about head-on car crashes, they picture a situation where one motorist (who was attempting to pass a slower vehicle) collides with someone traveling in the opposite direction. While it is true that these kinds of crashes can and do occur, most head-on collisions are actually caused by accidentally drifting across the centerline of the roadway. This type of negligent drifting can have a number of different causes, but in most cases can be attributed to:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Falling asleep at the wheel;
  • Speeding or driving aggressively; or
  • Driving while intoxicated.

While this type of driver negligence is one of the most common reasons behind head-on crashes, driver error is by no means the only cause of this kind of accident. Poor weather conditions, for instance, including icy or wet roads and fog can also increase a person’s chances of being involved in a head-on collision, as can mechanical failure or an attempt to swerve out of the way of an animal or road debris. Whatever the underlying cause, head-on collisions almost always have devastating consequences for the parties involved.

Potential Injuries

Head-on collisions often occur at high speeds, which can largely be attributed to the fact that the at-fault drivers are often unaware of the impending collision until it is too late. High speeds, combined with the nature of the crash (i.e. drivers are close to their windshields), means that a vehicle’s occupants are at a much higher risk of sustaining certain types of injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, which are often attributable to a person’s head striking the window or steering wheel;
  • Spinal cord damage, which can occur if the force of impact was great enough to fracture a person’s vertebrae;
  • Burns, which are often the result of exploded fuel tanks and engine fires;
  • Crushed legs and hips;
  • Internal injuries caused by the force of impact,
  • Fractures to the ribs, sternum, and facial bones, which often occur when a person strikes the steering wheel, seat belt, or dashboard at high speed.

Injuries of this severity are expensive to treat, making it especially important for those who have been injured in head-on collisions, to speak with an attorney about obtaining compensation for related medical bills.

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