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Indianapolis Personal Injury Protection Lawyer 

When you are filing an auto insurance claim after a serious car crash, you might not realize that filing a personal injury protection (PIP) claim can get you quick compensation for certain injuries after a collision. Although Indiana insurance law does not require motorists to carry PIP coverage, some drivers may elect to carry it in the event of a collision. Whether you are eligible to file a PIP claim or you need help determining your options for seeking financial compensation after a traffic accident, an experienced Indiana personal injury protection lawyer can help.

What is Personal Injury Protection in Indianapolis?

Personal injury protection, or PIP, is a type of insurance coverage that provides a motorist up to a certain amount of compensation for his or her injuries regardless of fault. In no-fault auto insurance states, drivers are typically required to carry PIP coverage, and then anyone who is involved in a collision in such states will file a first-party claim and seek coverage through their PIP policy.

Since Indiana is an at-fault or tort state, motorists are not required to carry PIP coverage like they are in no-fault states. Instead, in Indianapolis, most motorists who are injured in crashes will have the option of filing a first-party or a third-party claim to seek compensation. When a driver has elected PIP coverage, then the driver will often benefit from filing a first-party claim through his or her own insurance company and obtaining faster compensation for injuries. 

When an Indianapolis Insurance Claim is Insufficient to Cover Your Losses

Even if a motorist in Indiana pays for PIP coverage in addition to liability insurance minimum requirements and other auto insurance add-ons, PIP coverage likely will not be sufficient to cover the losses associated with a serious injury. When a motor vehicle crash results in debilitating or life-threatening injuries, it may be necessary to file a car accident lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

By filing a car accident lawsuit in Indianapolis, you can seek compensation for both economic and non-economic losses associated with your injury. 

Timetable for a Lawsuit Following an Indianapolis Personal Injury Protection Claim

It can take quite some time to go through the process for a PIP claim, and an injury victim might not realize that the clock is ticking. Under Indiana law, you will most likely need to file a lawsuit within two years from the date of the collision if you want to remain eligible to seek financial compensation. Even if you plan to start the claims process with a PIP claim or other insurance claim, you should work with a lawyer throughout your case to ensure that, if you need to file a lawsuit, you get your lawsuit filed before the statute of limitations runs out.

Contact a Personal Injury Protection Lawyer

If you need assistance negotiating with your insurance company after a collision, or you need to move forward with a car accident lawsuit after filing a personal injury protection claim, our firm can assist you. One of our experienced Indianapolis personal injury protection attorneys can discuss your options with you today. Contact Indianapolis Injury Lawyers to learn more about the services we provide to clients in and around Indianapolis.

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