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Indianapolis Rollover Accident Lawyer

Of the many types of vehicle collisions in which a person can be involved, rollover accidents are one of the most dangerous. This is largely due to the fact that occupants are at a much higher risk of becoming trapped in the vehicle or being thrown from it entirely during the accident. For these reasons, injuries sustained in rollover accidents are almost always serious, even when no other vehicles were involved, leaving accident victims to foot the bill for expensive medical care, often while being forced to take time off work. Fortunately, it is possible to recover compensation for these costs, so if you were recently involved in a rollover accident that was not your fault, it is important to consult with an experienced Indianapolis rollover accident lawyer who can help you file a claim.

Common Causes

Rollover accidents can occur at any time, but tend to be the result of one of a few different causes, including problems with the vehicle itself, such as:

  • Tire failure, including tread separation and blowouts;
  • A poor suspension;
  • Steering wheel problems; and
  • Defective brakes.

Certain types of vehicles are also more prone to rolling over than others. SUVs, for instance, because they are so top heavy and have a high center of gravity, are unable to handle quick turns and so are much more likely to roll if a driver suddenly changes direction. Tripping, which occurs when one of a vehicle’s tires strikes an object on the road, causing it to lurch sideways, has also been linked to a significant number of rollover accidents. Tripping is reported most often on roads that are in poor condition, were improperly planned, are affected by inclement weather, or that are covered in debris.

Determining what caused a rollover accident is critical to assigning liability after a crash. If, for instance, defective brakes are deemed to be the cause of a rollover accident, the manufacturer who produced those brakes could be held legally responsible for the collision. If, on the other hand, another motorist’s recklessness caused a driver to swerve out of the way and ultimately lose control of his vehicle, that individual could be held at least partially liable for resulting damages.

Collecting Compensation

Recovering damages after a rollover accident is important, as most rollover accident victims are much more likely to end up with serious injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • Spinal cord damage;
  • Crushed, broken, and dislocated bones;
  • Severe lacerations and amputations; and
  • Internal injuries.

These injuries are often sustained by vehicle occupants who are thrown from their cars during the accident, or who are crushed beneath or trapped inside the vehicle itself. In fact, being trapped inside a vehicle is particularly common in rollover accidents, especially in cases where the car rolled a long distance, as this can cause serious damage to the vehicle’s structure, leaving doors crumpled and non-functional. In some cases, affected vehicles even come to rest on their roofs, leaving injured parties trapped inside, awaiting assistance from emergency personnel.

Reach Out to Our Indianapolis Legal Team Today

Because rollover accidents tend to have such devastating consequences, accident victims are usually encouraged to seek compensation from the parties responsible for their crash. For help determining the cause of your own rollover accident, please contact one of the experienced Indianapolis rollover accident lawyers at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers by calling 317-455-4043 today.

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