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Kokomo Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog attacks are terrifying. With their sharp teeth and powerful jaws, dogs can cause considerable damage when they get a hold of a person’s arm, leg, or neck. Countless people suffer serious injuries, with dozens perishing from their wounds every year.

If you were attacked, please reach out to an experienced Kokomo dog bite lawyer. These are difficult claims to bring. Some owners try to pin the attack on the victim, which only adds to the stress of trying to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Indiana’s Law on Dog Bites

Indiana has multiple, conflicting laws that come into play when a person is bitten by a dog. Trying to understand whether you have a claim requires the assistance of a seasoned Kokomo attorney.

Generally, members of the public can hold the owner strictly liable if they can show the dog had a propensity for violence that the owner knew about. Typically, this means the dog has bitten or attacked another person, which has given rise to the name the “one bite rule.” This name is a little misleading, since the dog does not have to actually bite someone. But it must have shown aggressiveness.

Other people are protected by the state’s dog bite statute, in particular postal workers and other government employees. They do not need to show that the dog had a propensity to be vicious. Instead, they need to show they were legally entitled to be where they were attacked and that they were acting peaceably at the time.

Dog Bite Injuries: Serious & Long-Lasting

Not every bite is a simple nip on the hand. Many of our clients have suffered horrifying injuries including:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring
  • Fractures
  • Organ damage
  • Excessive bleeding

Any dog bite could become infected since dogs have dozens of germs growing in their saliva. An infection must be treated promptly, otherwise serious injury and even death can result.

We encourage all dog bite victims to get to the hospital promptly. Explain the attack to the doctor, who can decide whether you need a rabies vaccine or a different shot, like a tetanus booster.

Initial Steps to Making a Claim

Any case begins by identifying who had responsibility for the dog. Most commonly, this is the dog’s owner. But if you were attacked on rental property, for example, you might also have a claim against the landlord.

Next, you need to determine whether the owner has homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. If so, this policy can pay out compensation for your medical care, lost income, and pain and suffering. Some policies exclude certain dog breeds, such as pit bulls, so we typically request a copy of the policy and carefully analyze it.

All victims must compile evidence of their injuries, including x-rays and other medical records, along with proof of the cost of care. Let our attorneys assemble this information in a sensible way before presenting it to the insurance company for settlement discussion.

Speak with a Kokomo Dog Bite Lawyer Today

Dog bites are terrifying but take control by calling Keffer Hirschauer LLP today. Our attorneys offer free consultations.

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