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Kokomo Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

Indiana law requires that motorists involved in a crash stop and render aid or at least share their insurance information with the people they struck. Unfortunately, countless motorists hit the gas pedal instead. Their reasons vary. Some might be intoxicated or not know they were involved in a crash. Others lack insurance or are afraid of the legal consequences involved with hitting someone.

Regardless of their motives, hit-and-run drivers leave innocent victims to fend for themselves, often with serious physical injuries. Fortunately, our Kokomo hit & run accident lawyer can help you obtain compensation following an accident.

Finding the Driver Who Struck You

One option is to find the motorist who hit you and then make a claim on their insurance. Our lawyers understand that this is not always possible. However, you should try to remember as much as you can about the driver who struck you, including:

  • Make and model of the car
  • The car’s color
  • Any description of the driver
  • The license plate number
  • The direction the driver fled

If you weren’t in the car at the time of the crash, we might find nearby surveillance video which could have captured the motorist. Nearby witnesses could have observed the crash and might provide crucial information leading to the driver’s identity.

Once identified, the police might make an arrest for breaking the law. Even better, an injured victim can file a claim against the driver for compensation to cover their financial and non-financial losses.

Insurance Options Following a Crash

Under Indiana law, all drivers should have liability coverage. These policies pay compensation when the policyholder is to blame for the wreck.

With a hit and run, there is a clear problem: the driver who hit you might have had liability coverage, but you don’t know where to find them! Unfortunately, you cannot make a claim on your own liability coverage, since that only pays compensation to other people.

Still, many of our clients do have insurance that will cover at least some of the expenses involved in a hit and run. For example, your collision coverage can pay to have your car repaired. Collision is optional, but many people have it because their car loan lender requires it. This no-fault insurance only pays for property damage, but it is helpful in any event.

Our clients also might have uninsured motorist coverage. This insurance will pay out compensation to the policyholder when the at-fault driver lacks coverage. It should also cover a hit and run. Insurance companies that offer this type of coverage often are very picky about the claims they will cover, so work closely with an attorney to verify the facts of the accident.

Kokomo Hit & Run Accident Lawyers

Keffer Hirschauer LLP has helped numerous hit and run accident victims in their hour of need. Our team knows how to track down fleeing motorists, and we can negotiate a favorable settlement even with a stingy insurance provider. Please contact us today by phone or email to schedule your free consultation.

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